180th anniversary of the Russian steam locomotive, part 4

In early 1944, a commission was established under the chairmanship of academician Syromyatnikov with a view to identify new types of freight locomotives. The designers were faced with the task to build rather an economical steam locomotive, suitable for use on the entire railway network of the Soviet Union without significant speed limits. That is how there appeared the  P-0001 locomotive, or «Victory» (factory designation P32). After 1947, this locomotive was marked L by the name of one of the designers, Lebedyanskiy. Most railroad professionals nicknamed it «Lebedyanka» or «The Swan». The locomotive had been produced from 1945 to 1955. This is one of the best and wide-spread (over 4,000 locomotives) Soviet locomotives. It was the base for one of the best Chinese locomotives — QJ.

Voroshilovgradsky Plant named after the October Revolution had been producing own version of the locomotive (labeled OR18 by the name of the plant, later LP to stand for L Voroshilovgradsky) from 1952 to 1956. Last locomotive of the series (LP-0522) was also the last Soviet mainline steam locomotive.

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