180th anniversary of the Russian steam locomotive, part 3

It is today, that railroad professionals celebrate another holiday — the Day of the Railway Troops of the Russian Federation. I heartily congratulate the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, soldiers and officers of the Railway Troops on this day and wish them a peaceful sky, good health and happiness.

Today and tomorrow, my blog entries are devoted so the locomotives, which passed the crucible of the war, to the winner locomotives.

Did ever Austrian design engineer Gelsdorf who created a locomotive with the axial formula 0-5-0 in the 1980s that it shall become a classic model and the absolute champion of the world’s locomotive construction (about 11,000 built locomotives)? Probably not. Despite the widespread use of Gelsdorf’s principle in the world, the Soviet history of this type of a locomotive proved to be uneven though long-lasting. It was badly affected by such factors as WWI, the Russian revolution and the Civil war. In subsequent years, the development of this type of locomotives was strongly inhibited by Prof. Shchukin (Chairman of the Commission of the railway stock and traction with the Engineering Council of the IPU), aiming to promote his own offspring. Nevertheless locomotives of this type were produced from 1912 to 1957 inclusive. Being structurally simple but powerful enough and relatively high-speeding, it was the main type of freight locomotive transport of the USSR, including the years of the Great Patriotic War on front lines.


Based on the E series there was created locomotive type of 1-5-0. The transition to the new type allowed to maintain the same load on the road track but at the same time significantly increase the boiler, and consequently increase the traction of the boiler, increasing through it the technical driving speed of freight trains. Saving the concept allowed to build new, more powerful locomotives in the old factories and operate them without rebuilding the depot, turntables and track structure. This modification is marked as SO (Sergo Ordzhonikidze). For details about the Soviet party and state leader whose name was given to this locomotive see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigoriy_Ordzhonikidze

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