180th anniversary of the Russian steam locomotive, part 2

Then there appear two locomotives of the industrialization era, wheelhorses of the Great Patriotic War.


Locomotive S-324 (short for marking the «substantial») was produces at Nevsky Zavod in 1905. The marking is not accidental, as the locomotive of the S-series really became the main locomotive of the Russian railways. There had been produced more than 9,000 locomotives of the type from 1890 to 1915. The locomotive was used by all public and most private railways of the Russian Empire, by all railways of the USSR. Interestingly, modifications “Sh” of this series received affectionate nickname, «sheep.»

DSC00577The second «exhibit» of the dynamic exposure is an «E» series locomotive ( second “e” in the marking is short from «enhanced») had a more dramatic fate than people’s favorite «sheep.» Suffice it to say that it could never become series, as there were doubts whether it will fit into the curves of radius 300 m. However, taking into account the potentially good service qualities of the conceptual design, commission, chaired by Professor Shchukin approved its issue … at the risk of the customer Vladikavkaz railway.


** Russian version of the article published at:http://dreamenglish-ru.livejournal.com/65547.html

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